Earning Money Is OK, Don’t Pocket Entire Amount: UP Minister To Official

Earning money is ok, don't pocket entire amount: up minister rebukes official

Swatantra Dev Singh holds the Jal Shakti and Flood Control portfolio in UP. (File)


Uttar Pradesh minister Swatantra Dev Singh on Saturday slammed an official when he found dirt in a canal during inspection, saying “pocketing” the entire fund was not right.

“Earning money is not bad, but pocketing the entire cash is (paisa kamana koi buri baat nahi hai, poora ka poora paisa dakar jana buri baat hai),” Mr Singh said rebuking the official.

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Mr Singh, who holds the Jal Shakti and Flood Control portfolio, was in Garautha region, about 70 kilometres from the district headquarters to inspect the irrigation projects.

“The aim of the government is that water reaches the farm of the poor,” he said before pulling up the official.

Mr Singh was unrelenting even when the official offered to inquire into the matter.

“What do you inquire? You just see. Crores of rupees come, but the canals are not cleaned,” he said.

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