“No In-Stunt Delivery”: Mumbai Police Fine Over 1,300 Food Delivery Boys

'no in-stunt delivery': mumbai police fine over 1,300 food delivery boys

The Mumbai Police penalised more than 1,300 delivery boys

The Mumbai Police penalised more than 1,300 delivery boys in about a fortnight for disregarding traffic rules and riding dangerously. The announcement was made through its social media platforms.

In an Instagram post, the police said, “No ‘in-stunt’ delivery please! 1366 delivery riders were penalised for disregarding traffic rules and riding dangerously between 5th-18th April. Please Note: Food can wait, life won’t.”

A photo accompanying the post breaks down the reasons for the challans – wrong side or driving without the helmet. Interestingly, the delivery service has been described with the colour the respective companies use – red, orange, blue and green.

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The penalties were made between April 5 and 18, according to Mumbai Police’s Instagram post.

According to the data shared, there were total of 1124 riders who took the wrong side to deliver the food on time and 242 were not wearing helmets.

In the post, it has also mentioned that:

A user has commented: “Many ride on wrong side to save commuting time, to meet the delivery deadline so that customer doesn’t complain. Also, bigger reason is that the company despite all the promises, they do levy a fine on their commissions. So, the delivery boys must be in a situation of “Whatever happens, I have to deliver at a X time”. May be if charging the traffic penalty to the company will help them relax their rules on the boys, and thus ease the pressure on the delivery boys. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk”

In last few days, 200 of motorcyclists in Mumbai got penalised for continuous honking during traffic. The Mumbai police arrested 124 motorcyclists for using modified silencers within the same time period.

After a decade, a systematic enforcement effort against unnecessary honking has been launched. In 2008, the traffic police penalised 16,000 motorists in a 24-hour period as part of a “No Honking Day”.


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