On Camera, Man Stabbed To Death On Busy Road In UP. People Walk By.

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The police have said the victim was murdered by his uncle over a personal dispute.

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh:

A shocking CCTV footage of three men attacking a person in the middle of the road in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut has gone viral. No arrests have been made so far and the incident was over a personal dispute, police said.

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In the video clip, three men can be seen repeatedly stabbing a person while he lies on the ground in the middle of a busy road. Two men pin down the victim while another in a red shirt stabs him with a knife. 

All three attackers are seen leaving in different directions after the attack while the victim, in a bloody shirt, tries to get up. The attacker in the red shirt is then seen rushing back with the knife in hand and stabbing him in the back and pushing him to the ground. He then stabs him in the chest a couple more times. 

Throughout the incident, vehicles pass by on both sides of the road but nobody stops to help the victim. There are several onlookers witnessing the murder but nobody intervenes or helps.

The victim can be seen lying on the road with his clothes soaked in blood. He tries to move and is seen writhing in pain in the middle of the road. He is motionless soon after.

The police have said the victim was murdered by his uncle over a personal dispute and they are searching for the accused.


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