Protest In Banaras Hindu University Over Iftar, Students Allege Appeasement

Protests in banaras hindu university over iftar, students allege appeasement

Accusing the vice-Chancellor of “appeasement politics”, the students even burnt his effigy.


Banaras Hindu University — one of the premier educational institutions in the country — has been hit by controversy over Iftar. A section of students have objected to the Iftar party at the University’s “Mahila Mahavidyalaya” on Wednesday and in protest against the Vice Chancellor’s presence there, recited the “Hanuman Chalisa” outside his house.

Alleging that the Iftar party was held for the first time in the university the students questioned the need to start a new tradition. Accusing the Vice-Chancellor of “appeasement politics”, the students raised slogans and even burnt his effigy at the spot, reported news agency ANI.

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“Iftar party was officially organised in university for the first time. All expenses were borne by University. We’ll not allow organising iftar parties officially” ANI quoted one of the students as saying.

The university hit back, condemning the “attempt to disturb the peace and academic atmosphere” and declared that the breaking fast at sundown during Ramzan with an Iftaar party is a cherished tradition there.

Chandra Shekhar Grewal, the Public Relations Officer at the University tweeted, “There shouldn’t be any confusion or misinformation about 2 things: 1. #Iftar wasn’t organized by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sudhir K Jain. Students & teachers invited him & he attended as head of #BHU fraternity.2. Tradition of organizing iftar in BHU dates back to over 2 decades.”

The post was accompanied by a statement from the University, which spoke of its “all-inclusive atmosphere”, where “one finds no scope of any form of discrimination on any basis”.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Sudhir K Jain had attended the Iftar “on invitation by the students”, the University said.

“The tradition of organising Iftar in BHU dates back to more than two decades. These Iftars were attended by subsequent Vice-Chancellors over the years in the capacity of the head of the BHU fraternity… Iftar could not be organised for the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” the statement read.

The University’s chief proctor, Bhuvan Chanda Kapri, said such Iftar parties were the norm at the university.

“No official celebrations are done… This is not the first time any college official has joined the Iftar party. The Prime Minister and chief minister have also joined the gathering before,” Mr Kapri was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.


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