“Rasna Was Must”: Internet Reacts To Post On 90s Birthday Party

'rasna was must': ias officer's post about birthday party in 90s makes internet nostalgic

Combo of snacksthat consists of samosa, gulab jamun, biscuits and namkeen.

Children who grew up during the 90s have numerous memories of birthday parties and some features which make these celebrations them stand apart.

Apart from simple gatherings at home, these birthday parties were known for combo of snacks that consisted of samosa, gulab jamun, biscuits and namkeen.

An IAS officer has shared a picture of these snacks on Twitter that will transpose you back in time. “80s- 90s Kid’s Birthday Party Snacks,” IAS officer Awanish Sharan captioned the photo. He is a 2009-batch IAS officer from Chhattisgarh cadre.

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The picture got over 16,000 likes on Twitter and numerous comments, with users reliving their memories. “N gifts were sketch pen, pencil colours, pencil box,” one user commented.

Samosa and Gulab Jamun still favorite at my place,” another user commented.

“And one piece of pastry in the same plate that eventually mixed with namkeen, cookie and samosa,” commented a third user.

The post soon turned into a conversation with Mr Sharan responding to a user, “The gift was also decided by talking to friends in advance, so that all the friends give different gifts.”

Some users talked about giving extra candies in school to best friend and dressing up for the birthday party at home. Others highlighted how Rasna “was must after the birthday cake”.

Since the era was before Netflix and Instagram Reels, some good old television shows were also popular among the 90s kids. From sitcoms to game shows, the 90s saw a host of remarkable content.

One such show that was a favourite across age groups is Takeshi’s Castle. The game show had contestants performing a series of tasks that were almost designed to make them end up in ridiculous positions and hilarious falls. Needless to say, the Japanese show was a laugh riot in more ways than one and has a loyal fan base even today.


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